One Image A Month (July-September)

As the mornings become darker and the air distinctively more chilly, the arrival of autumn is imminent and very much welcomed. The brightness and heat of summer days are full of energy, but the freshness and calm of autumn is like a breath of fresh air. I embrace the subtle light and changing colours, as nature enjoys a last flourish before sleep.

I have spent every moment possible these past few months on walks in landscapes that always surprises me. No matter how many times I might stand in a place, the views remain inspiring. All I find myself hoping to do is to capture this magic to share.

Here are three images taken during these past months.

July: Vibrant Summer
August: History Of Time
September: Change Of Season

Hope you all have a wonderful time in whichever season you now find yourself in. Beauty and wonder can be found in the most diverse places, no matter how big or small, within or outside of us. Cherish all the moments we get to experience them.


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