Mynydd Carningli, Pembrokeshire Coast

The Pembrokeshire coast is the most western corner of Wales where dramatic coastlines meet the wild Irish Sea. As the only national park in the UK designated for its coastal landscape, the Pembrokeshire coast is world-renowned for its secluded coves and offshore islands. On higher ground the rugged moorlands are adorned with a handful of rocky peaks that are the beacons of this coastal landscape.

The Preseli Hills, Mynydd Dinas, Carn Llidi and Garn Fawr offer rewarding hiking experiences for lovers of high places. Also rising 346m above the beautiful coastal town of Newport is Mynydd Carningli (Angle-rock Mountain), an ancient volcano that still retains a conical profile from certain aspects.

Newport Beach
View from Nevern

Carningli is at the eastern point of the same mountain range as Mynydd Dinas, and is separated from the Preseli Hills by the deep glacial valley of Cwm Gwaun. A multitude of paths lead to the summit where there is evidence of an Iron Age hillfort, one of the largest in West Wales. A series of embankments, terraced enclosures and hut circles show large-scale human settlement.

Carningli from Dinas Mountain
Path from Newport
Iron Age hillfort
A place of human history
Carningli Common
A panaramic view of the north Pembrokeshire coast

The profile of Carningli is impressive; a beautiful summit that resembles an angle from a distance. Here is a place of imagination and magic. Spend a night on Carningli Mountain and you either become a poet or go mad, so says a local myth.

Countless hours spent on the summit and slopes of Carningli has been a great joy for me. Whether starting the hike from Newport or the car park by Bedd Morris, the walk is always one of delight. The views stretch far along the coast and out to sea, with Ireland and the mountains of Snowdonia visible on a clear day. Here is the perfect place to catch a moment of solitude, beauty and wonder.

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