Lessons From The Mountains

At the beginning of any long hike, both body and mind will be resisting every step of the way. The early rising and heavy backpack feels like punishment. The long walk in and then steep ascent will be torture. For the first hour or more, there is nothing more appealing than to have stayed home, with the feet up, having a nice cup of tea.

So why hike? Why do we crave for time spent in the mountains, and dream of returning to them again and again?

For the many years I have wandered in mountainous landscapes, I can say it has shaped me in so many ways. The effort and determination required is demanding. Any progress made in this rugged expanse takes time. There are no shortcuts. No easy way round. But with small steps, one in front of another, great distances can be achieved and high peaks reached. Being in the natural landscape, just you and the elements, is a humbling experience. The following are a few lessons the mountains have taught me.

Gratitude ~ To feel free and fully alive.

Acceptance ~ Nature is non-judgemental.

Timelessness ~ Live by the rhythms of nature.

Perseverance ~ Small steps can bring big rewards.

Connection ~ A sense of belonging and being part of nature.

Hereness ~ Appreciate the journey and not just the destination.

For these reasons, and many more, I cannot think of anything better than a day spent in the mountains. Any initial laziness will be blown away by the dramatic views and forever changing landscape. Soon you’ll be wishing for the hike to never end.

What lessons have you taken away from time spent in nature?

8 thoughts on “Lessons From The Mountains

  1. I’m always full of excitement whenever I set off – wondering what I might see. (Though I rarely get up early I have to say). I think humility might be one of the many lessons learnt and another would be, like you, gratitude, that I am fit enough and able to do these things.

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  2. Hiking is a joy. I think I would be lost if I could not walk or hike to new places or renew my acquaintance with old places. It is amazing the places your feet will carry you. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Just a simple act of being curious and having a wish to walk and explore can take us to some amazing places. I hope we can all get back out a little more in the months to come. Take care Allan 🙂

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  3. Lovely, thoughtful post. 🙂 I like how you say that there’s no easy way round. That is a lesson that so many of us need to learn (and have regular updates, too). Hiking has taught me that too. Just work the problem, stop to think and consider. Of course, it helps that I’m a muller. 😉

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    1. Thank you Lynette. You’re very kind. I think being in nature can teach us so much about life in general. Sometimes it’s better to see the next step rather than the miles we have to accomplish. Puts everything into perspective. Hope you’re keeping well 🙂

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  4. All very good reasons to hike. I find hiking is a good way to put things back into perspective in my life and a good way to connect with nature. It helps keep me balanced, forces me to appreciate the moment, tests my physical (and mental) strength and makes me so thankful to be alive. It also makes me aware of how amazing the natural world around me is.

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