A Summit View From Y Garn


The A5 road through the Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia National Park, Wales is possible one of the most scenic drives in the UK.

As the road hugs the shores of Llyn Ogwen, the striking profile of Tryfan looms above on one side, with the grand Carneddau mountains on the opposite bank, and up ahead is the graceful mountain of Y Garn.

The summit of Y Garn (947 m / 3017 ft) can be reached by a hike into the glacial amphitheatre of Cwm Idwal. Skirt around the beautiful Llyn Idwal to ascend pass the Devil’s Kitchen, and onto Y Garn along the south east ridge.

The view from the summit of Y Garn is among the best in Snowdonia. From here, the rugged mountain of Tryfan looks spectacular as its northern slope dips into the waters of Llyn Ogwen. In the foreground is Llyn Idwal, with Llyn Bochlwyd just in view beneath the summit of Tryfan.

The summit of Y Garn is a place to sit and linger, to watch the moving clouds and changing light. On a clear day, there really is no finer place. A place to just ‘Be’.

p.s there is a helicopter captured in this image. Can you see it? 🙂

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