Free Range People

“They will see what I meant in time. There must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls. Food and drink is not all. There is the spiritual. In some it is only a germ, of course, but the germ will grow!”

~ John Muir (1838 – 1914)

Much of this year has seen a shift in the way people live and work. No life has been untouched by a world with Covid-19.

From the beginning most office workers were asked to work from home, if they could. Weeks and months later, people started noticing a change in how they felt. Many people reported feeling less stressed, extra productive, and grateful for having more time to spend with their families. This small freedom resulted in huge benefits.

Everything about the way we live and work in the past few hundred years goes against thousands of years of human existence. Like other animals, we are seasonal creatures. Our senses have been fine tuned to our environment. We produce food according to the time of year. In summer we are more active. When winter sets in, we turn inwards and slow down.

In recent months, people all over the world have found solace in nature. Might we, just for a moment, think about the animals we fight for everyday. To give them more outdoor space to roam, and a life that is true to their nature. I wonder how much of the modern world has become unnatural for us. Does the wellbeing of our species not deserve some Free Range too?

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